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A lot of people have this happen accidentally and do not know how to turn their 3G/4G back on. This video solves that issue! ) This is a good troubleshoot to try if the internet is not working on your Android phone.How to make 3G phone into 4G phone(100). How do I revert to 3G or 4G from Edge? Once the 3G or 4G signal is strong / stable enough, you should resume receiving it.Trending. How to fix an Android phone whose Bluetooth or WiFi wont turn on. cancel. turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.Does ATT 4G/LTE work work on 3G phone? You may ask me why use 3G phone when I have iPhone 5S? I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Mega, I have a 4g sim from old phone but this new phone is 3g, can I use my 4g sim for a 3g phone?Im trying to use my att SIM card in a cricket Coolpad phone when I put my SIM card in the phone and turn it on its asking f Forum. You can turn your device into a wifi hotspot to connect your laptop or another device via WiFi. Make sure your 3G/4G is activated and correctly configured. Go to (or ) Settings > More > LG G4 turns off and heats up while turned off! 7 5 comments. Phone freezing, help.Directly plugging into the wall with and without battery (turned on once with this method, phone got pretty hot and then turned off suddenly). The blackberry does not have the software to be turned into an internet sharing device and a machine to help it become a router will cost over 100. source: How can i turn my blackberry into a wifi hotspot? Was this answer helpful? 4G is Boom in telecom industry thanks for to its low price for data ratio which is bringing the revolution. 4G SIM doesnt work in 3G devices.Today I have come up with few tricks which can convert your 3G device into a 4G phone. Hi I have problem with drivers.

In PDA mode they work as supposed to, but when I switch into Modem mode, I have drivers can not be installed for the device.Unlock your iPhone 3 g with no hassles at an excellent cost. Turn off your telephone afterward, and then turn it back on. Before installing any JIO app you must install the above apps to convert 3G phone into 4G.Step 8: Turn off your phone and then was active again after it launched Live 4G SIM inserted and wait some time. When 4G mobile internet access arrives, what will become of my 3G smartphone? For the time being Verizon will be cross-laying their networks, meaning that you will be able to continue to use your 3G device until they decide to migrate all of their customers to their LTE netowork and close out their CDMA network. Long story short if you would like a 4G phone turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.I currently have a 4G sim card and I plan on buying a new phone that only supports 3G. Here is a quick way to turn off your 3G or 4G connection while keeping Wi-Fi on, which I tested on a Samsung Galaxy phone with Android 6.0.1, also known as Marshmallow.

No worries, for folks using an older Android phone. Turn on your 3G/4G cellular modem for Android. Now that all the right files are in the right places, we can execute all the commands at once. 11. Plug in your 3G/4G USB cellular modem. It should start blinking. 12. Go into shell on your Android device If this is something intentional being done by verizon to coerce people into upgrading to a 4g phone, im not having worked fine 2 days ago, so theres nothing wrong with the phone. Fix whateve u broke, please dont turn into T-Mobile or sprint. In fact, leaving these settings on will reduce your battery life and with 4G / 3G in mind, you could further eat into your data limit leading to unexpected bills. Here is a nice simple guide on how to turn 3G off on your iPhone. A data allowance is also what enables you to access the internet on your phone using 3G or 4G mobile phone networks instead of WiFi.If youre worried about them eating into your allowance, switch them off. Heres how: Turning off notifications in iOS. I had 3g internet offer.when I turned on the mobile data I am getting only H and not H.What is the reason??Thanks. It gives me very important information. Sir how can we change 2G into 3G? Lalit Kumar says. In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNETs Marguerite Reardon gives options for taking your broadband with you to the summer vacation house. Plus: how do you choose 4G LTE service anyway? source: How can i turn airplane mode off on my ipod touch 4g from my computer?If you feel any of these questions have been included in error help us improve our content by splitting these questions into seperate discussions. Questions and Answers. How to switch Samsung Galaxy S4 I-9500 into 4G?As I read that means: 3G, but I should switch it into 4G. So is there any application or update?. I have tried: switching 3G to 4G. I think it was caused by: Doesnt support. In anticipation of getting a 4G phone can order a 4G sim now and use the 4G sim as a 3G sim with a normal 3G Goodybag in an iPhone 4? All community This category This board Knowledge base Users. cancel. turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results This package is called Cyber Cafe Pack. It is a 2G offer. But it can be converted into 3G.Now suddenly turn on Airplane mode on your device and then again turn off it.Now turn on your data connection and enjoy unlimited 3G for 1 hour I brought a 3g phone bt now i wanna a 4g phone as i wanna brought jio plz tell me the easy way to convert my 3g phone to 4g.How can I turn on my s7 edge with a broken power button. By AC Question in forum Ask a Question. Any player model that has a USB port can use certain models of 4G/3G USB modem.Place the autorun file on the root folder of an SD card.Insert the card into a BrightSign player. Turn Off Safe Mode on Android. How to. Block Unknown Numbers on Android.Break Into Your Locked Android Device. Insert the AC charger into an electrical outlet. When charging, the LCD shows and, if the device is off, displays a message Charging xx complete (where xx is a number value). When youre not using the device, turn it off, or end the 3G/4G connection. Youre just noticing it because of a display lag iPhones have always had wifi go into a "hot standby" mode when locked to extend battery life.After that, inmediatly turns on de 4G and a few seconds later seems to react and reconnect the Wi-Fi. OpenSignal app is a powerful and free network signal wifi tool. Run a speed test to check connection quality to your ISP or cell network, monitor data usage, compare coverage, view connection history e.g. how much 4G you get. OpenSignal does it all. You can also turn off the 4G coverage on the tablet if you know you wont need it.Hey Bogdan, I hope LTE expands into your area soon and you can start taking full advantage of your new LTE phone :) In terms of our plans for where to take the network, were really happy with our current network Thus, if there are network issues with on your providers service, theres a chance it could get solved and you will regain access to 4G/3G network. To turn the airplane mode on, toggle the Airplane Mode button by tapping on the respective icon on notification center. By enabling this option the phone will turn into an Internet transmitter so we will be able to connect our tablet to it like on any other Wi-Fi network. Of course there is a drawback, namely that the phones battery will be exhausted quickly while using this feature. Well you can turn on your mytouch into a webcam by installing some applications to mytouch phone. but it does not work very well it is better to have a webcam for this as they are not very expensive. . . source: How to turn my mytouch into a webcam? try going into system setting , under share and connect tap more then scroll down to mobile networks, she cant adjust the 4g settings because its automatic.How do I turn my 3G/4G ON on my LG Thrill 4G. Can I upgrade / exchange my 3G dongle to a 4G dongle?Just walk into a nearby airtel store to switch to the 4G SIM and our airtel representative will assist you on getting powered on 4G. my account. 4. My modem doesnt appear to be connecting when plugged into Cube, what can I do? Check if there is a SIM lock on the modem that requires a PIN code you can usually disable this by putting the modems SIM card into a phone and turning it off. Here it will give you the option to turn on Personal Hotspot and show you the password to access it via Wi-Fi. You can change that password if you wish.Kinda pointless for the new ipad to not have the hotspot feature built into IT as in case of 4S. If you use the iPhone to keep in touch with your clients and employees, you probably want to conserve the battery. Turning off 4G on the iPhone 5 takes just a few seconds. You wont lose Internet access because the phone connects using the slower 3G standard. If I want to turn off 4G, I prefer to choose the option WCDMA/GSM (auto-connect). It will connect me to the 3G network, or to the GSM network if 3G network is not available. 4G and battery life. Ok nice, I got it. Can we turn 3G phone to 4g phone? Haruda Takesada, Product Developtment at Telecommunications (2016-present).Can I convert 3G into 4G in the Datawind Ubislate 3G7x? If yes, then how? How is it converting an HTC Desire 526 3G mobile to a 4G? Turn your USB 4G dongle into a wireless Wi-Fi hotspot. If you frequently find yourself out on the road, you probably have a 3G, LTE, or 4G dongle you use to keep your laptop connected to the internet. But, that connection only works for your laptop. Every user knows airtel upgraded his services and start converting airtel 3G network into 4G. you need to replace your Airtel 3G SIM into 4G to use airtel internet and other Airtel 4G services. He has a prepaid Hi! card and a Singtel mobile broadband sim card in his previous Mi 4 I. Even after switching the sim cards into the new On7, it seems he has difficulty makingI have problems with the iphone 4g, 3g mode when I turn on the signal providers network went down. I hope anyone can help. IP Webcam (Turns your phone into a network camera with multiple viewing options.). (alternate direct link). Originally posted by user739 in a duplicate question. Posted in: 3g,4g,galaxy note 2,lte,samsung,tech,tips.Martin alta just go into settings and find mobile data then turn it off you cam also add an icon in your notification bar to turn mobile data on and off quickly.

Browse other questions tagged android 3g 4g or ask your own question.curl -O : Why its not possible to download file specific directory? How to gently turn down a female coworker who asked for a sperm donation? Hello Forum! My LG G3 is with T-Mobile. I am looking to disable the 4G speed on my phone and limit the speed to 3G.Home Forums Channels Android Devices LG G3. Support Can I Turn Off or Disable 4G speed? To turn off 4G LTE on the LG G3, go to Settings > Tethering networks > Mobile networks > Network mode > 3G only. Like with the One M8, theres no option to switch to 2G here as well, though this could be due to our G3 being the Korean model. If you can handle a bit of SSHing, it doesnt take much work at all to exploit a Chumby One easter egg that turns the not-so-cuddly model into a 3G router

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