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Ive used an Apple Time Capsule for 2 years, and it seems like the My Book backups just as quickly as the Time Capsule ever did so IExact same issue here and great frustration, but I saw some light today. WD MyBook Live Duo 2TB (RAID) - connected by an ethernet cable to the cable modem router. Unlike Time Capsule and many other networked storage units, My Book Live does not actually have Wi-Fi hardware built in.This isnt a huge surprise, and may change in future WD 2go software releases, but for the time being, its a limitation. Overall, My Book Live is a good piece of hardware Do any of you guys just use something like the WD My Cloud instead of Time Machine for back up?I use both CCC with a NAS and TM with a TimeCapsule. Two different backup SW packages, two destinations. My Book Live.I can no longer see my WD Mybook Live via my Samsung Smart TV. Before putting the Time Capsule in place, my set-up looked like thisfor backing up my macbook pro, i also have multiple pc running windows and wanted to back those up also but not on the tc because i dont want to mix them all on one back up. i saw that wd has a live book that will back up.Time Capsule 802.11n (4th Gen), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 3 tb. WD My Cloud Company: Western Digital Price: 149.99 for 2TB model Requires: Mac OS 10.6.8 or higher, Windows XP (SP3) or higher.In my very unofficial timing tests, a Time Machine backup of 83GB took about seven hours to transfer, while a Game of Thrones audio book weighing in at 943MB I then started Time Machine preferences, and selected the new partition on the My Book Live as the new disk.Fantastic note- clear and concise, and resolved that same sense of dread I faced when trying to copy the tmbackup to my WD MyCloud 3TB.

WD SmartWare Software Update for Windows WD TV Live Hub Media Center Firmware Update 2.06.10 WD Discovery Software 1.61 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista WD SmartWare for Windows My Book Elite Firmware Updater My setup for MacBook Air backup was Time Machine backing up to WD My Book Live 3T hard disk.

Every month or so, I got an error stating "Time Machine completed a verification of your backups on WDx. Восстановление WD My book live, прошивка WD My book live Normally Time Machine will use up much space as is available on the WD My Book Live hard drive.Step 2 Create a Backup File. If youre already using your My Book Live for Time Machine backups you can skip to Step 3. Western Digital includes their backup software WD Smartware, but if we Mac users can also choose to make our backups with Time Machine as if it were a Time Capsule.- WD 2Go : This application allows you to access files stored on your disk My Book Live. Western Digital My Book Live. A series of Gigabit NAS desktop drives of 1TB, 2TB, and 3TB varieties, made by WD in 2010.All Time: 3,962. 36,778. Free Manuals. WD My Book Live is network storage installed with Debian Linux operating system.Use this section if you are just upgrading your My Book Live to latest firmware.Do you how to install gcc on MBL, though I was attempting several time, still no success. Now, let us compare Apple Time Capsule and WD My Cloud in order to determine which one that you should choose.On the other hand, Apple Time Capsule offers a wider functionality, as it is not only a storage but also a Wi-Fi base station. Если просмотр руководства Western Digital My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage WDBACG0030HCH непосредственно на этой странице для Вас неудобен, Вы можете воспользоваться двумя возможными решениями Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Matthew Bennion, walks you through how to get your Apple computer backed up. Whether youre using a My Passport, My Book or I bought a WD "My Book Live" network drive that plugs into my router and then can be accessed from any computer via my LAN. The future has arrived - a personal cloud for all those huge video files. Здравствуйте, уважаемые румаковцы и румаковки)) Мои вопросы наверное покажутся глупыми, но скажу честно я не большой любитель рыть архивы сообщений, да и поиски через Гугль или Яндекс ответов на вопросы не дали Итак: я имею дома роутер Длинк dir625 к которому The WD My Book Live uses a Power PC 800MHz processor with 256MB of RAM.Macs Time Machine backup application worked natively with the My Book and at only half the price of an Apple Time Capsule! WD Photos iOS App. WD SmartWare Backup Software. Supports Apple Time Machine. Show moreShow less.WD makes it easy for you to simplify your digital life, with the My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage Drive. my wd time machine stopped working I calle apple zak transfered me to Matt, he had a me open time machine and delete a my book, it then came backAll the userguide refers to Time Machine but this is not available under Tiger (10.4.11). How can I still back up files to Time Capsule? many thanks. WDs My Book Live home network drive allows you to consolidate your media in one central location for everyone on your wired or wireless network to access and enjoy.Apple Time Capsule MC344LL/A 2TB [OLD VERSION]. The new Airport Time Capsule looked cool but I wanted something less Appley. I have had good experiences with Western Digital (WD) drives and saw in the January 2014 issue of Maximum PC a head-to-head between Dropbox and the new WD My Cloud product.Home Living. I can no longer even access the wd my drive as a timemachine and it no longer recognises the info, even though the amount of space on the WD cloud drive indicates the backed up info is still on there.My book western digital not recognized on windows after time machine backup. The WD Time Capsule Project Save Your World demonstrates the growing storage capacities and reliability of its hard drives and how this affects our everyday lives.Just Plug and Start the Backup on your PC or Mac with WD My Book. capsule review.Western Digital provides mobile access to shared files on the My Book Live Duo via its WD2go Web portal. The company offers free apps for both IOS and Android devices, though the pro versions of those app, which store files locally for offline use, cost 3 each. WD My Book Live Hidden SSH enable. Introduction. Update 9/18/2012 - Added information on making rsync start upon reboot. The storage and backup strategy here at the SmallNetBuilder Labs (my humble home office) has evolved over time. capsule review.While WD says that the My Book Live is capable of data transfer speeds up to 10MBps, our actual lab tests generated much more believable numbers: 42MBps writing a 2GB zip file, and 48MBps reading the same file. Western Digital is looking to tap into the burgeoning cloud market with app updates for its My Book Live NAS products. Presented in a sleek, tidy package and easy to use, WD misses a trick by not including USB port for quick access to content. We have several apple devices including ipads, iphones, and Apple TV. I have done some research to evaluate options and have narrowed it down to the time capsule or combining an 802.11ac router with the WD My Cloud external hard drive. Try to link your WD My Book Live to your Apple computer by using the AFP. Oct 24, 2014. Thanks for your reply. I live in the UK, hence the time difference.The Apple techs may not have been familiar with your WD MyBook and did not want to Time Capsule Alternative (NAS-- Half for Time up 1up 1 Normally Time Machine will use up much space as is available on the WD My Book Live hard drive. However, there is a simple fix to limit the size of any Time Machine backup volume, and its pretty easy to do on a My Book Live. As far as NSDs go, the WD My Book Live is pretty much right up there with the likes of the Apple Time Capsule if not better. Just to make it clear we are reviewing the 1TB version, and we tested it on a MacBook Pro, an iPad 2, and a Samsung Series 7 DNLA-enabled TV. When it comes to performance, the WD My Book Live Duo handled itself pretty well over gigabit Ethernet.Not including RAID1 resync time, the Live Duo was back in action in about 3-4 minutes. Description. Western Digital, My Book Live, 2TB Personal Cloud Storage device.BNIB Apple 3TB Time Capsule external hard drive comes sealed with warranty, unwanted xmas present.

Edinburgh. And the much-improved WD2go cloud-based remote access is a nice plus, which is also available on the original Live via firmware update.Im running the latest Mac OSX, a time capsule network linked to a high speedread more. The new Airport Time Capsule looked cool but I wanted something less Appley. I have had good experiences with Western Digital (WD) drives and saw in the January 2014 issue of Maximum PC a head-to-head between Dropbox and the new WD My Cloud product. A successor to the My Book Clone this wiki locally. Установка chroot-среды. Разрешите в WD My Book Live SSH-сервис.You cant perform that action at this time. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. Product Description. WDs My Book Live Duo personal cloud storage provides dual-drive shared storage on your wireless home network.I am very sorry for not having spent more and gone on the safe side with a Time Capsule. With the proven success of the My Book from WD, it was only a matter of time before they would take the next step and add network functionality, effectively taking the My Book into the NAS world. Today we have the 1TB My Book Live from Western Digital, a single drive NAS of sorts The My Book live is a NAS with integrated functionality for Time Machine compatibility.Time Machine WD my book studio 1 tb. 0. Remove All Traces of Renamed Account Mac OSX. Step 1. Throw out your My Book Live. Step 2. Go and buy an Apple Time Capsule.I was initially planning to reset the WD drive to factory settings and then try the time machie back up- my reasoning being that mac and windows back ups on same drive causes the problem. automatic book community digital dvd edition files forum ftp home ipkg irc kernel links login myThis section deals on all and everything concerning the Western Digital ( WD) personal NAS MyBook Live version.This might improve . scan time. By default .db, .ini, .db-journal and .pdf are ignored. The Apple Time Capsule is not a supported SafePoint destination.My Book Live Duo. In case the answer did not answer your question, you can always visit the WD Community for help from WD users. 1) Open the WD My Cloud Web Interface and enable in the Network configuration settings the SSH console, this can take some time regarding the increddible bad performance that could be possible Reason later. What made me rethink the Time Capsule. Unfortunately, the price was rather high (299 for 2 terabytes), the backorder was long ("4-6 weeks"), andRemote access: You can access files remotely from the My Book Live Duo to linked computers, phones, and tablets using an app called WD 2go. My Book Live Duo is really the ideal, all-in-one storage and entertainment solution for todays ultra-connected consumer, explains Chris Bull, director of marketing for WDs Connected Home Solutions group.Apple AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule Redesigned. I have tried to drag some new itunes that I have purchased from the itunes store to this directory without result. How can I add the new tunes to my SONOS via my WD My Book Live. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

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