jquery get height minus padding





So follow along to find out how you can get div height or height of any other element using jQuery. How to Get Height using jQuery. jQuery provides us with a very simple function, called height(). Get the current computed outer height ensure the element is visible before using .outerHeight(). jQuery is reporting the height minus the barjQuery css() jQuery Dimensions jQuery Traversing jQuery More width() and height() As the image below illustrates, this method includes padding and How to get inner width and height of a div element using jquery The innerWidth() method returns the width of an element (includes padding). The innerHeight How To Get Pixel Height Of A Div? Why Cant I Change The Height Of This Div? [ask] Get Div Height From Another File.Ive got a page (hrnewseastanglia.com) where I have to use a jquery function to stretch the body to the users window height if it isnt already. mainly i want to make my contentarea div will cover 100 width and height but minus will be header height.