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The update includes the highly-anticipated WhatsApp Calling feature, which rolled out to every Android user late last month. The WhatsApp Calling feature is comparable to Skype and the FaceTime Audio service on iOS. Earlier this morning, WhatsApp rolled out an update to its iOS app. The update log says that the app now supports WhatsApp Calling, allowing you to call your friends for free however, do note that the feature might not be available immediately. Gmail iOS App Update: How To Use Undo Send Feature On Your iPhone.Video calling comes back to WhatsApp beta on Android. New WhatsApp update adds GIF and OneDrive backup support. WhatsApp calling feature now available for iOS.However, you might be facing an issue in your iPhone where you cannot see the calling button to make a free WhatsApp call even though you might have updated to the latest WhatsApp version with free voice calling feature. To get the WhatsApp calling feature right now you will need to install the latest available beta on your device. From mobile Safari on your iOS device head to this link and tap on the button to install thePopular Things app, that we reviewed in detail earlier this month has received a significant update Steps to enable Whatsapp Calling feature for iOS: First of all your device should be a Jailbroken . You can make a backup of your previous chat history.Website. Search for Specific Information. Recent Updates. WhatsApp is rolling its new feature WhatsApp Video Call Now one can use WhatsApp for Video Call without using any third party software like IMO orThis update of WhatsApp was quite awaited. One can easily make Video Call on WhatsApp using his or her Android or iOS powered smartphone. New update on WhatsApp iOS gets Siri talking is also a new feature.Adds new video-calling button. Recently WhatsApp introduced a separate icon for video calls on Android phones. How to update WhatsApp feature?When you received first voice call of WhatsApp this feature will be automatically updated in your Smartphone. Must read: How to use YouTube offline on Android or iOS(iPhone). Whatapp is also updated to work with iOS 8s new sharing system.Those curious about the voice-calling feature for WhatsApp, read our first impressions for the Android version. The version 2.


1 of WhatsApp for iOS included this feature, but unfortunately, its rolling out slowly to the users, meaning that it cant be activated automatically and the users must wait a few days until they are notified about the feature being finally enabled. Since the WhatsApp video call feature is now officially in the beta, we can expect to see it soon in the main build in next major update if there isnt any huge bug found throughout the beta testing phase.Also read: How to Send GIF on WhatsApp iPhone Android iOS Web. How to Enable WhatsApp video calling feature in iOS - Продолжительность: 1:30 Micheal Nadar 12 792 просмотра.iPhone 4 7.1.2 ios update IOS 8 - Продолжительность: 4:53 Panther Tips Tricks 884 461 просмотр. The iOS users were left behind with no access to this feature, but now WhatsApp has released the calling tool for iOS users as well. WhatsApp update with version 2.12.1 hit the iTunes Store, which states that upgraded app will feature voice-calling on iPhone. Today, WhatsApp has rolled out its anticipated update which enables integration with Phone and Siri on iOS 10 while bringing out half a dozen other featuresWhile on the call, WhatsApp shows Mute, Message and Speaker buttons. Oh, and CallKit-enabled VoIP apps no longer tint iOSs status bar red. Earlier in April, WhatsApp quietly rolled out its voice-calling feature for anyone whos an Android smartphone user.Note: No word on whether the WhatsApp update for iOS will also allow users to get on the web version of WhatsApp though. Popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp is now bringing its voice calling feature to the iPhone. WhatsApp for iOS received an update Tuesday, which implements the calling feature. Users can download the new version on the Apple app store now After rolling WhatsApp voice calling feature for Android users, it now time for the iOS smartphone user to place internet calls using the company latest voice calling feature. This popular messaging app owned by Facebook, has released a major update to its iPhone app today. WhatsApp for iOS also includes some major updates to the messaging application and not only the free voice calling.WhatsApp has of recent introduced its voice calling feature to Android users as well as iOS users. Weve been hearing about WhatsApps voice calling feature since Jan Koum mentioned it in February. The latest slip by WhatsApp confirms the features entry into our smartphones rather soon. WhatsAp. So to get WhatsApps voice calling feature for your iOS device, take a look at our list of simple steps below. For Android, click here.If you were quick to update to iOS 8.2 then youre out of luck as theres no jailbreak available for it just yet. The update is available for iOS and Android gadgets now.Whatsapp Voice Mail Advantages, Highlights. The voice message feature gives the clients the capacity to leave a phone message after a WhatsApp call is not replied. WhatsApp have finally added a video calling feature to their popular chatting app. This certainly spells bad news for Skype, Facetime, and other similar messenger application.Update the WhatsApp Application. Launch WhatsApp on Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Select Call. WhatsApp Begins Rolling Out Its Voice-Calling Feature To iOS Users.You can update to the latest version of WhatsApp now, but youll have to be at least a little patient and wait for WhatsApp to flip the switch on voice calls for your account. If you update your WhatsApp, you might not yet be able to make calls because the feature is being gradually introduced WhatsApp Calling is rolling out slowly over the next several weeks. Along with the calling update, WhatsApp has given its iOS app some other big updates. You just need to update your Android Whatsapp version and you will get the Whatsapp Call Feature on your Android mobile.Related articles more from author. Cake Browser Expe iOS 12 Leaks, Rumours, Ex Best WiFi Password Finder The feature is not available yet on the iPhone although WhatsApps recent iOS update had introduced a calling button within the chat window. The feature also doesnt work on Windows Phone handsets, at the moment. How to Activate WhatsApp Voice-Calling for iOS Devices? Whatsapp has finally dropped the much waited Voice message and call back feature on their latest 2.16.8 update for iOS users. The voicemail feature comes to use when a user places a call and the isnt answered, the caller can now quickly leave a voice message for the recipient. UPDATE: WhatsApp Voice Calling on iPhone is now available in the official App Store version of the app which has been released recently, though the feature is not enabled for all users yet.WhatsApp recently added a Call button to its iOS app on App Store but did not activate it. Whether they meant a video message or video calling, WhatsApp has yet to confirm the rumors.This feature enables faster and more efficient way of reading and replying messages to users. A new widget on the latest WhatsApp Update for iOS has also been added. Recently Whatsapp rolled out an update which brings Voice calling feature to the Android devices. This update allows users to call any of their contacts on Whatsapp by using the cellular data.Many of the iOS users are eagerly waiting for the new Whatsapp update. The update includes the highly-anticipated WhatsApp Calling feature, which rolled out to every Android user late last month. The WhatsApp Calling feature is comparable to Skype and the FaceTime Audio service on iOS. Check out how to activate whatsapp video calling feature on iOS and Android. Update to Whatsapp 2.16.16 to activate video calling. Update to the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger App. Navigate to the Calls tab (menu) at the top right.To enable WhatsApp voice call feature for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.), Windows phone and other devices, all you need do is. The launch of calling feature in Whatsapp for iOS is the latest in the steady stream of updates aimed at making Whatsapp more useful than a mere free text messaging replacement. Latest Whatsapp Video Call update for Android/iOS by Kevin K. on Sep 23, 2016 1. /21/2015The WhatsApp Calling feature is comparable to Skype and When I am not writing for Forbes, If the WhatsApp Calling feature for iOS is similar to. Level 1 (15 points). iPhone. Q: whatsapp Video calling feature for iOS 7.1.2?Nov 18, 2016 2:04 AM in response to sunil89. Hi. WhatsApp Messenger video calling requires iOS 8 or newer. More information This time a new update for WhatsApp for iOS has arrived.It supports users to command Siri to place a phone call or send a message via the WhatsApp app.

The new WhatsApp for iOS update also emanates with other new features. Two weeks after the WhatsApp calling rollout for Android smartphones and tablets, WhatsApp yesterday updated its iOS App to give WhatsAppOnce they update their Apps, iPhone/iPad users will finally be able to place calls over the Internet (VoIP) with the companys latest free calling feature. Both the caller and receiver should have the latest version of Whatsapp which supports calling feature. Once they start roll out the first activation of call feature, we will update this page with more details showing how to activate whatsapp calling feature on your iOS. But thats not all, this update comes with a lot of hidden features, which WhatsApp will enable in the upcoming updates. After starting its work on group calls for Android, WhatsApp has finally started working on group calls feature for iOS as well The wait is finally over! iOS users can now try out the free voice calling feature on WhatsApp. The Apple iTunes Store sends out a notification on the app update page stating Call your friends and family using WhatsApp for free, even if theyre in another country. Firstly we will guide you on activating WhatsApp voice calling feature on Android smartphones and then we will show you how to activate it on iOS devices.Update: WhatsApp voice calling feature is open for all Android users with WhatsApp 2.12.19 version Download Apk. WhatsApp brought the voice calling feature to Android last month much to the envy of many iOS users. As an iPhone user, I just couldnt wait for it to arrive sooner than later. Finally the wait is over! WhatsApp has rolled out voice calling feature to iOS in its latest update. After Facebook purchased WhatsApp, the number of the apps users reached 1 billion at the beginning of this year, which makes it one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Its easy to use and the best part is that it can be used on all operating systems A few weeks ago, Android WhatsApp users gained the ability to make calls within the app. Today, iOS users will start receiving an update to enable free calling. The update also includes a new sharing extension for sending photos, videos, and links directly to WhatsApp. As we have seen that WhatsApp released Voice calling feature suddenly in the form of a new update. Similarly you need to download the updated Apk to activate WhatsApp Video calling feature for all platforms like android, iOS/iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry etc. New Update for Whatsapp to Activate Whatsapp Calls: Some screenshots of WhatsApps new voice calling feature appeared on Reddit.Minimum Requirements: Android OS should be 2.1 or above. iPhone or iOS, you can install this beta version of WhatsApp. After rolling out WhatsApps Free Voice Calling feature for Android users late last month, the widely popular messaging service has started to roll out the feature to iOS users. Now iOS users can enjoy making free voice calls through WhatsApp WhatsApp application which is outdated WhatsApp voice calling feature doesnt work on it. After updating WhatsApp application to the latest version on your iOS 7 and iOS 8, the WhatsApp Voice calling service will be enabled.

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