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Complete the following sentences using the simple present or present continuous tense form of the verb given in the brackets.Tortuous vs. Torturous February 23, 2018. Prepositions Exercise February 22, 2018. View Full Document. Simple Present And Present Continuous Tense Exercise Source: The present continuous is used to talk about actions or situations that are going on at the moment of speaking. Present simple- present continuous. Exercises.He (give) one lecture a week, and on the other days he (show) films or (discuss) books with us. 21 A bus conductor (get) more exercise than a bus driver. PRESENT SIMPLE 1. Write the HE/SHE/IT forms catch read come run cook smoke drink stand fetch start fix touch live watch miss wish rush writeBig dogs. (like) a lot of exercise.Present simple / present continuous. Put the time expressions under the right heading. Present Simple amd Present Continuous.Exercises: (The answers are in the AUDIO). Fill in the blanks with am/is/are/do/dont/does/doesnt. 1. Excuse me you speak English? 1.

Write the verb between brackets in the present simple or continuous. 1. . you usually . (eat) vegetables? 2.

Sorry, I cant talk now.Exercise 3: 1. They want to go home now. 2. I dont have time at the moment. Present simple and continuous tense - exercises with answers, PDF worksheets and grammar rules with examples. PRESENT SIMPLE / PRESENT CONTINUOUS The present simple — Exercise 1: Jo is a nurse.Keywords Suggest. Present Perfect Simple And Continuous Exercises Doc. Exercises Present Simple, Present Continuous. Exercises 1. Put the verb in Present Simple or in Present Continuous. My brother and I have/are having a party tomorrow. 138 The present simple and continuous, the future simple and. 139 Conditional sentences: type I peg 221.Exercises 1.doc. Present Simple vs Present Continuous Online Consolidation Exercise.Present Simple Tense and Present Continuous Flashcards. Specifically, the top five most useful tenses are present perfect, present simple, present continuous, past simple and future simple.I am reading the book Lolita. Exercise 4. Complete the sentence with either present simple or present continuous. C Now you write some sentences in the present simple and present continuous.Present Simple Uses 1 facts. 2 routine. Clue words every day. never. Present Continuous Uses 3 plans for the near future. Present simple - mixed sentences. Present continuous / progressive - exercises.English grammar - present simple and continuous explanation and theory. ONLINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR QUIZ topic: SIMPLE PRESENT or PRESENT CONTINUOUS? 2 | level: Intermediate.10. How often basketball? are you playing do you play. Check answers. Back to list of exercises. Uploaded by ivancba. Rating and Stats. 0.0 (0). Document Actions.The rest of this title will be available soon. Simple Present vs Present Continuous Exercises will be available on. PRESENT SIMPLE / PRESENT CONTINUOUS The present simple Exercise 1: Jo is a nurse. Fill in the gaps in the description of a typical work day for her by putting the verb in brackets into the correct present simple tense form. Choose the best tense for each space, present simple or present continuous. Only use contractions for negatives - e.g. isnt/doesnt.Get information about great new exercises and quizzes like this one. Sign up for our newsletter today. Exercise - present simple and present continuous 1. Write the verbs in present simple or present continuous tense. Present simple or present continuous? Put your knowledge into practise! Exercise 1. Choose the present simple or present continuous Present simple and continuous exercises.Simple Present and Present Continuous Exercises. Text Interpretation and Questions and Answers. Do the exercises below on the present simple and the present continuous and click on the button to check your answers.Choose the correct answer (simple present or present continuous). It. is raining rains. cats and dogs. Wed better stay at home. 5. Present Simple or Continuous?B. is snowing. EXERCISE 4 Next week, my friends and I are going (go) camping in the woods. I am organizing (organize) the food, because I like (like) cooking. Grammar and exercises to help you distinguish between Present simple and Present continuous in English. Please download to get full document.Present Simple and Present Continuous. Gramtica. Starter unit. Exercise on Simple Present Present Progressive.Leave a comment. Post navigation. « Present Simple and Present Continuous . Simple Present Present Progressive contrasted.You are here: Home. Grammar Exercises. Tenses. Simple Present or Present Progressive/ Continuous Exercise 2. Present Continuous (progressive) Tense mixed exercises with answers to learn and practice one of the most basic verb tenses of English language. Subject Explanations: Present Continuous Tense Simple Present Rules Simple Present vs Continuous. 2306presentcontinuousexercises.doc | Leisure.Present simple vs present continuous exercises. The train always (1: leave) on time. Whats the matter? Simple Present continuous exercises. 1. Seena for the test now. a. Am preparing b. Preparing c. Is preparing d. Are preparing. Answer: Is preparing 2. John his mother since evening for the party. Exercises Present Simple, Present Continuous.PRESENT SIMPLE VS PRESENT CONTINUOUS EXERCISES 1. Put the verbs into the correct tense ( present simple OR present continuous) Present continuous and present simple.Quiet! Im thinking. Im doing a difficult exercise. 7. Maria (currently, write) a book about her experiences in the U.S. 8. A: Do you want to go for a walk around the lake? I (need) some exercise. Check the correct answers to this exercise on Present Simple ». Choose the right answers to complete the following sentences in Present Simple or Present Continuous tense in English. Exercises. Present simple or present continuous? Present simple or present continuous? 1. Who is that man?24. Ray drinks very much coffee. 25. I dont feel very well. Present simple or present continuous? 1. I (play) cricket right now. Nawigacja wpisu. WH-questions. PRESENT SIMPLE vs PRESENT CONTINUOUS part 2. Practise present simple and present continuous. Activity types: Fill in correct verb. Correct the mistakes.

English Tenses exercises Simple Present Tense Simple Past Tense Present Perfect Past Perfect Simple Future - Will Future Going-to-Future Continuous Tenses Comparison of Tenses Active and Passive Voice If clauses - conditionals Reported Speech. present continuous exercise. There are two types of exercises: multiple choice and gap-filling.In the second exercise, there are 24 sentences students have to complete with the present continuous or the present simple. A. Fill in the Simple Present or the Present Continuous Tense: B. Choose the correct answer : C. Fill in do, does, am, is or are We use the present continuous to talk. about things you are doing now. I watch cartoons every day. Im watching a film now. 2. Where does it go? Do we usually use these words with the present simple or present continuous? PRESENT SIMPLE 1. Write the HE/SHE/IT forms catch read come run cook smoke drink stand fetch start fix touch live watch miss wish rush writeBig dogs. (like) a lot of exercise.Present simple / present continuous. Put the time expressions under the right heading. Submit. More "present continuous exercises" doc. Advertisement.Test two: past simple and past continuous. Grammar worksheets : Present simple vs continuous (progressive) tense.The present downloadable handout is meant for high school students, elementary school students and adults at Elementary (A1) and Pre-intermediate (A2) level. Present simple or continuous . Present progressive exercises - lower intermediate level. Esl, esol, ielts.Verbs exercises: simple present and present progressive. Simple Present Present Progressive. Exercises and tests.Note: The following verbs are usually only used in Simple Present: be, have, hear, know, like, love, see, smell, think, want. Extra Material Present simple Present continuous We use the present simple to talk about: regular habits and routines.Choose the Present Simple or Present Continuous Exercise 2. Exercise 3. Choose the present simple or the present continuous. Watch out for stative verbs. EXERCISE 6. Present continuous or simple?Comments. RECOMMENDED. Exercises Present Simple and Continuous.

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