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Expires Header without htaccess. Question by Guest | 19/08/2012 at 20:01.Again, I have searched and apparently, my hosting provider prevents this manipulation. Now, I would like to set an Expires Header, nevertheless. (this list does not include the php-generated html document itself, but all images and css files). So I tried adding some via .htaccess, but it seems the modules in question are not loadedIs there a way to configure expires headers without apache/.htaccess? To set your Expires headers add these lines to your .htaccessIf you remove the Last-Modified and ETag header, you will totally eliminate If-Modified-Since and If-None-Match requests and their 304 Not Modified responses, so a file will stay cached without checking for updates until the Expires header Use our advanced online website builder without code!Adding the expires headers to your sites htaccess file allows a browser to know that files such as images are static and do not need to be refreshed on every page load. I have even used PHP code: header("Expires: Mon, 26 Jul 1997 05:00:00 GMT") header("Cache-Control: no-cache") header("Pragma: no-cache") No result :( I was wondering if you could help me where the problem is, Thanks. Search results for add expires headers wordpress htaccess.How to Add Far Future Expires Headers to Your WordPress — In this article I have explained how you can add far future expiry header to your image, css and javascript files to speed up your site. Use the following in an .htaccess file to specify a language header. This adds the header without having to use a meta tagAfter 5 minutes has expired, the file will have to be retrieved again from the server. Adding Expires Headers to .htaccess file can Leverage Browser Caching and increase site load time, Edit . htaccess file, add following. Enable expirations ExpiresActive On ExpiresDefault "access plus 1 month" ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access plus 1 year" what browser caching and Expires headers is. how to test the current performance of your site. how to add Expires headers for your website.I recompiled Apache/PHP with cache, memcache, filecache and added the lines you provided above ( without modification) to the .

htaccess file in the Im optimizing my website with Gtmetrix and in Add Expires headers section it shows the below error-. There are 49 static components without a far-future expiration date.Browse other questions tagged htaccess css cache-control expires or ask your own question. Adding headers. .htaccess.

Apache config. NGINX. Litespeed. Cache-Control header basics.NGINX. Using the expires directive you can add cache instructions to a server or location block. Expires Headers .htaccess. Permalink September 01, 2010 at 3:24 PM.Yes that has helped, and incresed my yslow score slightly, although from Yslow I am still getting. Grade F on Add Expires headers There are 6 static components without a far-future expiration date. For setting up the expire header via htaccess you need to enable mod expire module of the apache. Lets see how we can set the Expire Headers using . htaccess.There are 3 static components without a far-future expiration date. Adding expires headers do not affect the site load time for a first time visitor but you will be surprised how much the page load time decreases (fasterDerek, There shouldnt be any issue with using this along side W3 Total Cache plugin. It is perfectly okay if you add the htaccess code to the file manually. This Plugin uses Expires. The following code will be added to your . htaccess fileCan I use Browser Caching without .htaccess file?This plugin is a must for anyone who isnt currently using expiry headers in their . htaccess, or doesnt know how to implement them. Set Expiry Date using htaccess.These are pretty far-future expires headers They assume you control versioning with cachebusting query params like: