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Meaning and definition for "wattle" word. [noun] framework consisting of stakes interwoven with branches to form a fence [noun] a fleshy wrinkled and often brightly colored fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat of certain birds (chickens and turkeys) or lizards [verb] interlace to form wattle English Spanish - wattle. s. entramado, entramado de camo taquezal zarzo.3. A wrinkled fold of skin, sometimes brightly coloured, hanging from the neck of birds (such as chicken and turkey) and some lizards. Anda would be short for andale, which, I think is slang for do it already hurry up or other similar interpretations. Unless anda is also slang for something completely different. Different regions of Spanish-speaking countries have wildly differing phrases for the same meanings. English English(1). Wattle turkey TranslationsTranslate Wattle turkey in Spanish. How Long do Turkeys Live? The average life span of a domestic turkey, from birth to freezer, is 26 weeks. During this period of time, it will eat about 75 pounds of turkey feed.Turkey Wattle. By Kate Peregrina on November 6, 2013 in Life in Spain, Spanish Language.2. Vale.

Meaning: OK. You will hear this word every single day in Spain. Some Spaniards toss this word in between every breath and even say it several times in a row. Spanish in Guatemala can be the perfect challenge for you! Improve your Spanish skills abroad and get to know a fantastic country!Guatemala was subsequently conquered by Spain beginning in 1519 and became a major Spanish Colony. Definition of wattle turkey. : the Australian brush turkey.Momently Once Meant Momentarily. A word that had its moment. Ask the Editors. (11 kilograms), and they have a red head and an iconic red wattle, Fitzpatrick said.Locals in Mexico and Central America call this bird "pavo" (the Spanish word for " turkey"Like the North American wild turkey, M. ocellata is a burst flier, meaning it can fly short distances to escape danger, Hatfield said. Ni used twice or several times in succession can be used as the equivalent of "neither nor.

" In Spanish, ni precedes each item in the series.Ya no habr muerte, ni luto, ni llanto, ni dolor. There will be neither death, mourning, tears nor pain. When Ni Means Not Even. Thai Tongan Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Vietnamese Welsh Yucatec Maya. Sorry, something went wrong. Try entering your text again or 0 use Bing Translator 1.Old Russian Orok Ossetian Ottoman Turkish Pli Panjabi Papiamento Persian Polish Portuguese Quechua Quenya Romanian, Moldavian Russian Sanskrit Scottish Gaelic Serbian Shor Silesian Slovak Slovene Spanish Sumerian.The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. Wattle turkey. Meaning of wattle. What does wattle mean?1. a fleshy wrinkled and often brightly colored fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat of certain birds (chickens and turkeys) or lizards 2. framework consisting of stakes interwoven with branches to form a fence. When the Spanish first found the bird in the Americas more than 400 years ago they brought it back to Europe.Wattle - the flap of skin under the turkeys chin. Turns bright red when the turkey is upset or during courtship. For leave to sit by their wattle they demanded contributions of fuel. The silver wattle grows freely in shifting sands and by its means waste lands, e.g.Spanish-English Translation. Reference.wattle-turkey. wattle meaning, definition, what is wattle: the loose skin that hangs from the neck of some birds, such as a cockerel or turkey: . Learn more.EnglishSpanish SpanishEnglish. Dates in Spanish. Note: Spanish days and months are all masculine. Note: Setiembre (abbreviated "set") is also considered a valid spelling in some places. Note: Some Spanish speaking countries use single letter abbreviations for days of the week: D, L, M, X, J, V, S. Whether or not the Turkey Wattle is a desirable trait is in the eyes of the beholder but in most circumstances it is not viewed favorably.Spanish. Define wattle. wattle synonyms, wattle pronunciation, wattle translation, English dictionary definition of wattle. n. 1. a. A construction of poles intertwined with twigs, reeds, or branches, used for walls, fences, and roofsTheFreeDictionary presents: Write what you mean clearly and correctly.Wattle turkey. It has more than one meaning, for some Spanish countries means OK, also means a voucher or a rain check and also means cost like in Canto vale esa pia?How much that pineapple cost. Among unambiguous citations, the N. meleagris meaning of turkey beats out the M. gallopavo meaning byAnother story is that the bird was named after its caruncle (wattle), which is sometimes blue, theIn the early days, there were dozens of different names for the turkey in Spanish, but the Translation of mean at Merriam-Websters Spanish-English Dictionary. Audio pronunciations, verb conjugations, quizzes and more.Flashcards Spanish Word of the Day Most Popular Words Quizzes. Spanish word for turkey, including example sentences in both English and Spanish. Learn how to say turkey in Spanish with audio of a native Spanish speaker. The Spanish trade capital at the time was Turkey, and from there turkeys spread all across the continent by the 1550s.Truly, that is one hypothesis I mean it.really I do.In turkeys, the wattle hangs from under the beak and down the throat, but in pheasants it is located around the eye spanish english.wattle language dictionary turkish, red wattle, turkey wattle, daub, daub and wattle, the wattle, wattle in turkish. Translations. Wattle definition: Wattle is a framework made by weaving thin sticks through thick sticks which is used for | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.a fleshy, wrinkled, often brightly colored piece of skin which hangs from the chin or throat of certain birds, as the turkey, or of some lizards. wattle2. noun. A coloured fleshy lobe hanging from the head or neck of the turkey and some other birds.a fruit tart. a fried or baked meatball. a mantelpiece. What does the South African term pikkie mean? an old man. a type of biting insect. a child. Wattle translated from English to Spanish including synonyms, definitions, and related words.a fleshy wrinkled and often brightly colored fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat of certain birds (chickens and turkeys) or lizards1. In Turkish, the bird is called hindi which means "from related to India".up a brocade chicken" and tushouji ( / ) meaning "cough up a ribbon chicken" due to their red wattles.In Spanish, the turkey is called pavo, Latin for peafowl. In Mexican Spanish, it is also known as guajolote, a (Burmese) Nepali Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Sesotho Sinhala Slovak Slovenian Somali Spanish Swahili Swedish Tajik Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Uzbek Vietnamese Welsh Yiddish Yoruba Zulu.Here is wattle meaning in English wattle turkey (plural wattle turkeys). brush turkey. Description of a Turkeys Wattle. By Naomi Millburn. Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images.What Does it Mean When Guinea Pigs Vibrate? Do Laying Hens Have Wattles? How to Tell a Boy Red-Eared Turtle From a Girl. "Wattled" means "having a wattle", a kind of lobe hanging from the head or the neck (like a turkey) in Spanish, "barbado". "Barbthroat" is likely to be "with a throat with a feather(or beard)", from Latin "barba" (beard). To tell the time in Spanish : On the hour. 1 oclock, uses the singular form, es (it is).The plural feminine las is used when referring to more than one hour, las horas, the hours when telling the time in Spanish. wattle. Posted on August 6, 2015 by Editor.wattle. noun. 1. rods and twigs woven together to make a type of fence. 2. a piece of fleshy skin hanging down below the throat of birds such as the turkey. Black History Month Winter Olympics. 40 Beautiful Words In Spanish.We asked friends and colleagues for some of their favorite lovely words -- both in terms of sound and meaning -- to share with you. Disclaimer: Turkey Wattle definition / meaning should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Translation of "wattle" in Spanish.The Golden Wattle is Australias floral emblem. Eucalypts make up almost 80 per cent of our forests. La acacia dorada es la flor del emblema nacional de Australia. Опубликовано: 25 апр. 2012 г. How to cuss in Spanish. Common Spanish cuss words, Spanish swear words, Spanish insults, Spanish vulgarities, Spanish curse words, and Spanish profanities. The Wattle Waddle. Questions? Contact Giblet, the Head Turkey and race director.It is the runners responsibility to yield to cars, even the stupid drivers, because cars are big and mean. Seriously, be careful at the crossings. Meanings of "wattle" in Turkish English Dictionary : 17 result(s).Urban Dictionary German, LEO Chinese, Dict.Cn Spanish, SpanishDict Russian, Multitran.ru Medical, MedicineNet aret Dili, Signing Savvy. Useful english dictionary. wattle turkey. Interpretation.Look at other dictionaries: Wattle turkey — Wattle Wat tle, n. [AS. watel, watul, watol, hurdle, covering, wattle cf. OE. watel a bag. a wattle-and-mud hut common in Mexico and the south-western US. Origin: Spanish jacal, Turkish akal. Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition But see in Spanish loca sometimes is used as a nickname not as the literal meaning crazy, it would be more like saying hey you. It depends of course on context, where the person is from, tone, your relationship with them, etc. The Portuguese are no less geographically misguided, as they took their name for the turkey, peru, from the South American country conquered by the Spanish around the same time that turkeysto the turkeys striking nasal wattles in their word Schnuddelhong—which literally means snot-hen. A turkeys wattle (not waddle) is a fleshy fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat of a turkey. In male turkeys, the wattle tends to be brightly colored, usually red, and is a gender-distinguishing feature. What is the Spanish name for wattle or the floppy red thing that hangs below the turkeys chin?SPANISH (SPAIN). Creo que es "barba" (literally translated as "beard") pero mejor que lo busques en alguna pgina de ornitologa. Initial research on chickens, turkeys, and their ilk found that hens strongly prefer a male with a big and colorful comb but dont seem so turned on by the size or floppiness of his wattle. That doesnt mean the latter is irrelevant to sex: Male birds of some species engage in a wattle-shaking courtship dance wattle meaning from English to Turkish, what is wattle Turkish to English Szck evir.Spanish English Translation And Dictionary. Male turkey bird with its red wattle.. The read flesh hanging from the neck of male turkeys is a type of caruncle called wattle.. The caruncle on top of the beak is called the snood..

A caruncle is a small, fleshy excrescence that is a normal part of an birds anatomy..

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