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Well i used this and i was able to close my parent window. May be try this and see if it works. < script language"text/javascript"> function closeParent() . Second, I can call javascript function written on parent window from child window.My solution was window.parent.document.getElementById(bcatfk).options.length0 where bcatfk was the id of the select menu I needed to clear and repopulate via ajax. opener, window object,, window.opener, window .opener.document.getElementById.Update a parent window from a child Java Script. Cookie in JavaScript. How does document.getElementById() handle it when there are multiple elements with the same ID?parent1 item") and ("parent2 item").How to get the Value Returned From Knex (Object in an Array thats in an Array) How to add some text to end of document title with JavaScript? The important thing to note here is that the child div is within the parent div. Once the Remove Element button is clicked, the onClick event listener is triggered and launches the removeElement JavaScript function.var parent document.

getElementById(parentDiv) In this article I will explain with an example, how to access child popup window elements from parent page window in JavaScript.lblFirstName.innerHTML document.getElementById("txtFirstName").value It can be done by calling javascript function on parent windowreturn (true) function setFormItemFromChildAndClose(formItemId, formItemValue) var item document. getElementById(formItemId) item.value formItemValue if (ChildWindow ! null) dynamic javascript, uniqueid, iurl, hyperlink, firefox, javascript getelementbyid, node, someid, dom scripting, tutorial.child window, parent window, javascript function, jsp, hidden field, ajax, opener, the child, i am trying, postback.element in javaScript window.parent.

document.getElementById(MyIDName).innerHTML Get parent window element in jquery (MyIDName(MyIDName, window.parent.document).html() If you have any query then feel free to contact me at Jainish Senjaliya. Lets add more

with values, inside the parent div. Ill show you how you can get all the children using the children Property in JavaScript.var days document.getElementById(days).children script type"text/javascript">. document.getElementById("ifrm").src window.opener.testUrlWhy JavaScript function visibility depends on declaration in the same or different script block in HTML. HTML wrap element method written in pure JavaScript that works similarly to that in jQuery.Cache the current parent and sibling.var message document.getElementById(message) var div document.createElement(div) div.wrap(message) . The above works both with iFrames, Frames or separate windows that were loaded from the current window. This example shows how to use JavaScript to access parent elements from within a child, and vice versa.While this example uses an IFRAME, the mechanism, and rules apply to child windows and frames as well, though getting the attachment to the target "window" object may require some