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Any ideas why IE is screwing up with a CORS request that returns no data? Windows Phone 7/ IE9 jQuery ajax Access is denied.Jquery ajax not working in IE9 even with cors true. This is my simple ajax code which works in FFX and Chrome but not in IE9. Anyway, everything was done and it worked fine in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. But not so with IE. There is an ajax call whichI recently moved from Prototype and Scriptaculous to JQuery. The transition is not very smooth but wasnt very painful either. Of course, works find everywhere besides IE9. The problem is that in IE9 it just displays the last value the user added and not all the values that were there before.AJAX CODE WORKING IN IE, CHROME, SAFARI BUT DOES NOT WORK IN FF - 1 reply. This is my simple ajax code which works in FFX and Chrome but not in IE9. I am so much fed up of this browser I cant express.Now this code works on FFX and Chrome but no ajax call is ever made in IE 9. I even have this: .support.cors true AsyncFileUpload not working with IE9. only on capability mode.In the latest release (3 october 2011) the compatibility issue discussed in this thread between the Ajax Control Toolkit and IE9 is NOT fixed. This code works on FireFox but not on IE9. Ive been all over the online forums. All codes I have tried leaves the page blank in IE9 but renders great in Firefox.Scroll halfway done the page to see the working AJAX code for IE9: http However, in IE it doesnt work.Ive looked through plenty of the variations of this question that have already been posted, but so far none of the solutions have worked for me.Here is my code (simplified the success/failure function contents for ease of reading):.

support.cors true. ajax( url: https This is not working for me in IE7 it works in all other versions of IE. if(.browser.msie window.XDomainRequest) var xdr new XDomainRequest(), ajaxStatusUrl)so i managed to get the ajax request working in IE with this code change. Debugging and fixing stale AJAX data issues in Internet Explorer. I am writing an ajax web application but for whatever reason when I perform a GET against an internal data service in Internet Explorer 9 ( IE9) it does not work.

This same call works perfectly fine in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. IE9 jQuery AJAX with CORS returns "Access is denied" The following works in all browsers except IE (Im testing in IE 9). true .ajax( url "messages/postMessageReadByPersonEmail" Jquery Ajax Ie9 Re: IE9 and AJAX (Not calling the AJAX) 3 years ago Have you viewed the error console? But I just had to here. Jquery Ajax Not Working In Ie US Election results 2016: What went wrong with prediction models? Why does IE Cache Ajaxs GET requests? IE caches the get response when the JavaScript makes its first Ajax request to the server.A solution to work with IE. You can have the server send back a no cache header with anexpiration date set in the past. This AJAX code is working in IE10 and Chrome and another browser, but it is not working in IE8 and IE9.The issue is IE8 doesnt support the Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) XHR, so you cant do a cross domain ajax call with the native XHR or jQuerys .ajax. I have some ajax get request on the web page and it works perfectly fine in Firefox and Chrome. But it is not working with IE at all. After some research, I found out I need to specify the dataType and allow cross domain. I am using chat plugin , and initiating a chat, the ajax post which i am using is working on mozilla and other browsers but not working on IE8/IE9. According to cross domain issue i have used "dataType: Jsonp" also but its not working. 1) Once the embedded web browser control is running on the core of IE 9, ideally, if I implemented IInternetProtocol and IInternetProtocolSink, I should be able to catch all requests including AJAX, this is really working fine in the core of IE 7, 8, but AJAX is really not working for the core of IE 9. is JsonP working with Opera, Chrome Safari? Determine if an iframe is visible on the screen. Can I use PHP to grab external XML file for use by JQuery? How do I send an AJAX request on a different port with jQuery? Not all Ajax content loading on one domain. .ajax( type: "POST", url: /url, cache: false, contentType: false, processData: false, data: files, ) This works fine in Safari and Firefox, but fails in IE9 as the FormData is not supported in IE9. I tried sending just as a file by setting Jquery ajax not working in ie9 is the worlds number one global design destination, championing the best in architecture, interiors, fashion, art and contemporary.

) This works in modern browsers, but in IE it executes both ajaxStart and ajaxStop together, unless I place an alert box after show().You can use callback function to do the same task when ajax is over, you may use jquery or plain javascript for this. This method works well in all modern browsers except IE 9. Does .ajax accept Font urls in IE 9? Note: It didnt enter progress or fail functions either. Edit : Sorry i entered the code wrongly there. Hey everyone. browser close of logout was not working in firefox. am using ajax call for logout function used bind and beforeunload function also but its no use. mouseout and mouseover also did but am not getting what am experting As I stated before this code works fine on Chrome and Firefox. In IE9 when I look at the web debugger there are no errors in the logs. It is like IE9 is just complete ignoring the .ajax chunk. In order for .ajax() to work with ie, there are certain things you must make sure are in place. Internet Explorer, in all its wisdom, insists on caching, so it is important to prevent ie from caching when making a GET call to an API. Now this all worked great until I realised that it doesnt work in IE9 and IE8. Everywhere else is fine, just earlier versions of IE seem to not work with FormData.Jquery Ajax Callback Not Working. Jquery Ajax For Some Pages. Console.log(). IE has no console object when Developer tools is not open Try running your code by commenting your console.log and try again (document).ready(function () . I am using jQuery 1.6.1 and IE9. I am running the page on my machine trying to request data from a server. My Javascript looks like this3. Bcryptjs Async not working. 4. jQuery Ajax File Upload. I use jQuery with ajax and it is working in all browsers except for IE 9 or older. jQuery itself works, but not the ajax calls.UPDATE. I tried to minimalize my code in order to check if I integrated jQuery properly. The following code still does not work in IE 9 or less This is working fine in FF,Opera, Chrome. Problem is in IE only. I have a div in which I am loading below contents.To make position fixed work in IE I am using. Is this happening because contents are loaded via ajax? What could be the solution? Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 20 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software Cross-Domain AJAX for IE8 and IE9. So yesterday I applied the windows update to install IE9, and discovered that my ajax calls to update a grid stopped working. Chrome Firefox gave the expected results (i.e. my grid showed changes), but in IE9 seemed to display whatever the first load was. Browser AJAX Spam? How to open a new IE window and close the old one? FooTable 3.1.6 doesnt work with Internet Explorer.IE - Access denied to angular.js file because of XMLHttpRequest. XMLHttpRequest not working in IE9. As my backend developer had already used ALLOw Domain: in his code and the Ajax calling is working fine with all other .Browser but not in IE9, I just cant under stand why. Many forum says that use URLencode for your urlpath, some says user cache:false. IE9 and jquery AJAX problem. "first time it works well if I click on button, but second time it doesntI assume cache" I have jquery httpsIm experiencing a difficult ajax error in IE9. I will say up-front that this is not technically a cross-domain request so Im sure that is not the problem. Ie9 Ajax Error Access Is Denied. i know i should not have same names but it would be better if i know the reason for the failure.Which file formats are used to make viruses in Ubuntu? both function are working fine in mozilla any help would be appreciated. In IE9 it gives error. I have other pages as well on which I am using jQuery ajax, there it is working fine.The problem is that it turns out that for some reason jQuery/IE does not correctly urlencode double quotes. Check the The URL of the request with IE10 and IE9. Ajax Call Not Working In Ie9. Jquery Ajax Ie9 No Transport. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of ITworld, its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies. IE displays the page well. But has major issues with the pagination functionality. Clicking the Prev, Next buttons will work for maybe 5-8 clicks and then it starts freezing up and finally stopsSince the table has to be re-rendered, I knew this has to be the dreaded AJAX issues that VF seems to have with IE9. RecommendIE8 and Jquery .post ajax call not working. ed object/array. Works on IE10, and the latest versions of FF and Chrome. Does not work in IE8. Using IE8 developer tools i could see the json array was actually returned from my server to my browser. 7168 closed Bug (fixed). IE9: Ajax sample does not work. Reported byLoad samples/ajax.html in IE9 RC. When destroying the editor, a JavaScript error occurs and there is no way to create the editor again Ive used AJAX and JQUERY AJAX before, but I cant get it working in Dreamweaver with a test PhoneGap site. Im pasting in my code below. I put some alerts in, one to let me know the event got inside the "change" fuction (that works). November 26, 2012. Fixed - AJAX AsyncFileUpload is Not Working in IE9. Today i got a mail from client, says that "File Upload functionality not seems working." I went to site and find out. I recently ran into an issue where ajax requests were not working in WordPress when using Internet Explorer 8 or 9, and while this may not be a common issue among WordPress users, youll most likely run into this problem if certain conditions are met on your site. I changed the xua ieedge to ie8 and ie9 works, but for obvious reasons i dont want to limit ie 9 to ie8s rendering engine. The areas that dont work are ajax population calls on a menu. ie, it prints. Ajax Not Working In Ie 11. Max no of attachments : 3Loading User Profile Understanding which string breaks when one pulls on a hanging block from below Is there a way to block an elected President from entering office? Jquery Ajax Not Working In Ie. Browse other questions tagged javascript jquery ajax internet-explorer-8 or ask your own question. Dont use .ajax(, success: myfunc) use . ajax(, success: myfunc()) share|improve this answer edited Oct 25 at 14:02 answered Oct 21 at 20 I am writing an ajax web application but for whatever reason when I perform a GET against an internal data service in Internet Explorer 9 ( IE9) it does not work. This same call works perfectly fine in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. IE 9 ajax.reload() not working. oldano97 Posts: 10Questions: 4Answers: 0.I used ajax.reload() function to update my table when add or modify data, it works fine on all browsers, but not in Internet Explorer. I dont know if its the root cause of your problem, but colon (:) and slash (/) characters have to be encoded when used in query strings. Try: Var fullURL baseURL encodeURIComponent(path)

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