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Meaning: Little wolf. Emotional Spectrum A calm exterior, and yet Personal Integrity Moral backbone is the hallmark of Owais.Meaning of the Bulgarian male name Atanas is immortal. Male Dog Names. Suggestions. Suggest a Dog Name.Origin. Meaning. Gender. Aden. Gaelic. Little fire. M. Aidan. Gaelic.Conan.

Gaelic. Little wolf hound. M. Deepika. Meaning: Little wolf. Origin: Hebrew. Search thousands of names, meanings and origins.It is more often used as a boy (male) name. People having the name Lowe are in general originating from France, Sweden, United States of America. Meaning: Little wolf. Emotional Spectrum Loves to be in love Personal Integrity The decency of Ohcumgache is never questioned.Previous Post.

Meaning of the Korean male name Hyungdon is trying for prosperity. from the ash tree. Audolf. friend of the wolf. Audun. friend of wealth. Balki, Bardi, Baug, Beinir, Bersi, Bjolf, Blund, Bodmod, Bolli, Bork, Bresi, Brondolf, Bruni, Brynjolf. saga names, meanings not given. Meaning: Little wolf. Emotional Spectrum He is a fountain of joy for all.Recent Posts. The Hebrew male name Daniil means God is my judge variant of Daniel. Meaning of the English surname Wally is stranger variant of Walter. Male Worgen names meaning "wolf". Aatu - noble wolf (Finnish).Louvel/lovell/Lowe - little wolf (french). Lycaon /Lykaon - wolf (Greek). Marrok - Knight Wolf from Arthurian Legend. Names Full Meaning images. Connell name means strong wolf | Teen Wolf: Names Meanings - Teen Wolf Fan Art (35080082 A List of Cool Werewolf Names With Their Meanings - Take angel angels demons female help how-to human male name tips unisex useful werewolf writing.Unisex names - meaning WOLF Sassaba: Native American Chippewa name meaning "wolf". Seath: Irish Gaelic name meaning "wolfish". Meaning of Owais. Owais is an ancient Arabic name that means little wolf, it comes from Aws, which means wolf.Traditional Islamic Baby Names: Authentic Male and Female Given Names from Early Islamic History. AHA has listed below some of the most famous and maybe not so famous wolf names and their meanings. Some are male wolf names, some are female, andFaolan little wolf Irish. Farkas wolf Hungarian. Felan small wolf Celtic. Fenris mythical monster wolf Norse. Filtiarn lord of wolves Celtic. Adolph is a German name meaning "noble wolf".

The elements adal and wulf are represented in this name.Adonis is a male name of Greek origin.Aleron is a French name meaning "little winged one", from the Latin element ala meaning wing, and the French aile meaning the same. Wolf Name A Wolf Wolf Dogs Puppy Names Dog Names Names And Meanings Timber WolfIts a wolf named Trump. - March 2016 - Once upon a time, in a little town called EstablishmentDraw Fur How To Draw Wolf Werewolf Name Werewolf Tattoo Mystical Names Alpha Male Traits Anime Wolf. English Baby Boys Names | English Male Names and Meanings.Means counsel wolf. Randall. From Randolf. Randolph. Means shield like a wolf. Randy.Mean little red person. Rusty. Someone with red hair. Read Details Gathered by spotted wolf-february 2006. NATIVE AMERICAN MALE NAMES and MEANINGS. Looking for names that mean Wolf? We couldnt find the exact name Wolf, but listed below are some first names meaning Wolf or names similar to the word Wolf.Lobo (Spanish) Wolf. Louvel (French) Little Wolf. Search: First Names Meanings / Definitions Last Names Expression Number Soul Urge Number. GenderMale. odins wolf. Norway. Not Rated. Strong yet charming, Irish male names can also serve as a moniker for your pup. These name are full of character and would make excellent dog names.Flannery meaning ruddy and valor. Conan little wolf. A really unique boy name! Buck: its origin is Old English and it means male goat or deer. Its variants are Buckley, Buckey, Buckie, Bucky.Faolan: it is of Irish and Gaelic origin. Its meaning is little wolf and its variants are Felan and Phelan. Here are 16 names meaning little wolfDOLF: German male name means Form of Adolf, Meaning Noble Wolf - EARL: Irish male name. i really need some girls names that mean Lion, Tig. This is a list of names in which the meaning contains the keyword wolf. Filter Results. any gender Masculine Feminine Unisex.CONAN m Irish Means "little wolf" or "little hound" from Gaelic c "wolf, hound" combined with a diminutive suffix. Baby Names Country. The German name Wolf means - a short form of Wolfgang.Behind the Name. Short form of WOLFGANG, WOLFRAM or other names containing the Germanic element wulf meaning "wolf". Meaning: Little wolf. Emotional Spectrum A calm exterior, and yetMeaning of the Hindu male name Darsheel is perfection or good. Random Posts. Yoko name means good or positive February 25, 2014. The alpha male wolf, indeed, was the wolf that kicked ass and took names.Making the Wolf Your Totem Animal of Manhood. I love the idea of animal totems, or at least finding inspiration from animals on how aSo by all means, continue sharing your savage wolf memes on Instagram and Tumblr. Check out our collection for over 100 male dog names meaning little or small in various origins. Abban: Means "little abbot" in Celtic or Irish.Crofton: Means "town with a small enclosed field" in English. Cuan: Means " little wolf, little hound" in Irish. LUPITA: Diminutive form of Spanish Lupe ("wolf"), meaning "little wolf." OTSANA: Basque name meaning "she-wolf."MALE: AATU: Finnish form of Old High German Adalwolf, meaning "noble wolf ." Enter at least 2 first letters for name meanings search.Gender of the name Wolf: male. Jewish (Ashkenazic): from the Yiddish male personal name Volf meaning wolf, which is associated with the Hebrew personal name Binyamin (see Benjamin).A less common occupation for the Wolf family was Carpenter. Lowe means little wolf, and is a male name from the French.Nevada female Spanish name meaning snowy. Orin male Greek name meaning son of fire. Oswin English male name that means Gods friend. Conan Origin: Celtic/Gaelic Meaning: Hound, Wolf Trivia: Names of funnyman Conan OBrien and Conan the Barbarian (a fictional character).Lionel Origin: Latin Meaning: Little lion Tip: Another excellent male cat name that honors the lion in your cat (even if it is just a little one)! Name: Honiahaka Language of Origin: Cheyenne Meaning: Little wolf.Name: Ziff Language of Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Wolf. Other Male Werewolf Names. Antonio. Brady. teen wolf girls name meaning. (click to enlarge).Teen Wolf characters the meaning of their names according to Teen Wolf. smokesforstiles. Find list of names that means Little Wolf, This tool will help you in finding list of names that has certain meaning, You can use this tool to name your baby with a name having similar meaning as your. Means a slave or bondmaid. This early name is used principally as a female name but it also occurs later as a male name. [25]. Caoimhe.Meaning little wolf. Wolves are the epitome of badass, so here is a list of strong male wolf names to fit the Alpha in the pack!These names from around the world perfectly fit what it means to be a wolf. Name. Meaning.Little wolf. Male Irish Names. VISIT OUR HOME PAGE - ABBAN (Abbn): Irish name meaning "little abbot."FAOLAN (Faoln): "Little wolf." Irish/Gaelic name composed of the element faol " wolf" and a diminutive suffix. Wolf Role-play Information > Information On the Wolf > Names. Hop toeagle wolf (German). Ardolf. home loving wolf (English, Male).short for Shumanitutanka, meaning wolf. Name Meaning Site. Advanced Name Search. Home.You can use our middle name generator to find middle names that match the first name, Wolf.Not Chosen Female Male. Meaning. Origin. Abbn: little abbot.little wolf, little hound. Names and more. Lowe meaning Little wolf Name facebook content, Name Twitter easy sharing content./Name24506.php. Lowe Little wolf Gender Male. Origin of this name is French. Kuckunniwi. Gender. Male. Origin. Native. Meaning. Cheyenne name meaning " little wolf". Some are male wolf names, some are female, and some can be interchanged between the two. Its meant as simply a starting point in your search for the perfect name.Cornish. Cuan. little wolf or little hound. Irish. Names for Wolf-Like Breeds. Name. Tribe or Language.Dogmama58 3 years ago. Our male Rhodesian Ridgeback is named Julous Pahayuca by Ruvanda. Pahayuca, a little sanitized means Amorous Man in Comanche. Search Name Meaning Starts With.Any Male Female. Search english names by qualities, Note: use only one quality at a time for better results. Cuan (male) little wolf or little hound. Cuetlachtli (male) Nahuatl word for wolf.Dolf (male) Noble wolf they are responsible and kind people. Dolph (male) In swedish the name Dolph means Noble Wolf. The name means "man, male" or "strife."Fehin/Feichn Little raven. Felan Little wolf. Felim/Felimy The ever good. Check out MomJunctions collection of baby names that mean Wolf. Also get to know their origin, and religion.Meaning Wolf. GENDER Boy Girl Unisex. suggests Quinn for a female Irish name meaning Chiefhound/ wolf. It suggests Faolan or Faelan as a male name meaning Little Wolf. The female wolf name Im the most used to is Lupe. Werewolf Name Names And Meanings Different Countries Names That Mean Wolf Werewolves Writing Tips Prompts Strong Facts.Fantasy Names Fantasy Wolf Fantasy Art Anime Fantasy Fantasy Beasts Cool Wolf Drawings Anime Wolf Drawing Awesome Drawings Male Furry. And a name for a wolf PACK. Plz and Thx mean comments will not pay attention to. admin answers: Tupac Shakur is a nice name. It should mean crack addict. Wolf pack name? Try, Jelly Beans.Japanese (wolf) ookami, urufu Japanese (male) dansei Japanese (female) fujin French/Italian

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