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Its the 9th Edition of the World Famous, Award Winning Sirius XM NHL Network Radio Playoff Predictions a chancePETER BERCE (10 points 6 series picked correctly in 1st round) Capitals in 7 Lightning in 6 Blackhawks in 7 Flames 6 2015 Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks. The NHL playoffs are quite possibly the most exhilarating two months in North American sports.In the end, only one team will be the champions of the National Hockey League. Here are our postseason predictions. Ahead of the first round of games in the NHL playoffs we predict who will fall at the first hurdle. WhatIfSports.com presents its 2015 Stanley Cup predictions. The main bracket and round-by-round series breakdowns are below.We simulated the entire NHL playoffs 1,001 times using the current season rosters and statistics. The first round of the NHL playoffs are done for 2016, and overall I did pretty well in predictions, going 5-3.San Jose/Nashville: the good news: San Jose is playing great hockey right now. Bad news: San Jose was 1- 2 against the predators this season. 2015 NHL playoffs: First-round predictions-ESPN. Our experts weigh in with their predictions for the first round of the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs. NHL Playoffs 2016 ( Round 3) Countdown and Predictions . Ok well as first round predictions go It wasnt an outstanding success. Here is how I called them EAST BRACKET: BRUINS in 5: Got that one right What happened: Nothing I got it right. LIGHTNING in 7: Wrong and not disappointed to have been What happened? I used reverse psychology. It worked. Home 2016 May 13 NHL NHL Playoffs: Previews Predictions Round 3.ATF Podcast September 15, 2015. Early returns suggested that the second round of the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs would be over in a hurry, but with teams mounting comebacks in the Eastern Conference, there is still plenty left to be decided.

NHL.com. Second-Round Predictions. Advanced stats predict second round of Stanley Cup playoffs. Created with Sketch.As the second round of the 2015 NHL playoffs begins, SI.com staff revisit their picks and look ahead. Throughout the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs, well go round-by-round and predict the outcomes of each playoff series.The predictions. Blackhawks vs.

Wild. Ducks vs. Flames. Our experts weigh in with their predictions for the first round of the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs.Grants first 2 NHL goals lead Ducks 6-2 rout of Canadiens. NHL Playoffs round 2 predictions. By Crazy Sportsdude.Related. ticker. Previous Story EXTREME RULES 2015 PREDICTIONS. Western conference playoff predictions. Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames. This, like most of the other series in the first round, is a tough one to call.Hammond has been stellar for Ottawa, but his Cinderella story will come to an end as the pressure of an all-Canadian NHL playoff espn sports baseball news, football fixtures 25th april 2015, betting online sports uk, speed tv schedule, sports betting lines bovada, fox sports to go directv, playoff predictions nhl 2015 round 2, good soccer coaching tips, investing in small businesses online. hockey playoff predictions round 2.nhl playoffs 2015 2nd round predictions. Nhl Playoffs Round Two Predictions 171 Hockey 171 Games.< > DOWNLOAD. 94 2015 Nfl Playoff Bracket Printable 2015 Nba Playoff. To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs. NHL playoffs 2016: Round 2 staff predictions.2015-16 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Best of Round 1. Fullscreen. Like Comments Off on 2013/14 NHL Playoffs Round 2 Predictions /.The San Jose Sharks remained the playoff choke artists and the Bruins and Ducks returned to the style of play that won them their divisions. The NHLs postseason is the most unpredictable of the four major sports, and 2015 should be no different.Below are predictions for the entire first round of the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs. Heres a look at the second-round matchups in the NHL playoffs and a prediction on the outcome of each best-of-7 series. Tampa Bay vs. Montreal. This is not the matchup the Canadiens wanted. Tampa went 5-0-0 against Montreal during the regular season. NHL Playoffs 2015: Blackhawks Vs. Ducks Prediction NHL Playoff Predictions 2015: Tuesday May 12.In round 2 they had to claw from behind to win three straight against the Caps. Wednesday, April 27, 2016. NHL Playoffs 2016: Round 2 Series Predictions (update 1). All series odds are from 5Dimes, all player prop odds are -115 from Bovada, and all bets are 2 units each, unless otherwise stated.Futures: 1-3 (5u). NHL 2015/2016. 2015 NHL Playoff Predictions. Eastern Conference.Generally, I like your predictions. With one but The Phil/Pitt series. Either team that makes it out of that round is going to be so beat up and so depleted that they are not going to make it through the next round. Holtbys numbers are amazing and if he can deliver like he did in the first round, the Capitals will be hard to beat. Prediction: Pittsburgh in seven games.NHL Playoffs: 8 Players You Want When a Game is on the Line. 10 Best Performances in NHL Playoff History. The second round of the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs starts tonight. Because my NHL Bracket Challenge is shot to hell after the first round, I am revising my predictions here. WEST. NHL Playoffs round 2 preview - picks, predictions and analysis. My 2017 stanley cup playoffs prediction.Early NHL 2017-2018 Season/Playoffs prediction. 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions!! Theres still lots of hockey left, with Round 2 starting today. Here are my biased and unscientific well thought-out predictions for the second round2010 Playoffs Round Two Recap. NHL 2015 PLAYOFF PREDICTION!!? Eastern conference ROUND 1 Montreal (1) vs Philadelphia (6) Montreal win series 4-0 Tampa Bay ( 2) vs. Detroit (3) (Really tough decision) Detroit wins series 4-3 NY Islanders (1) vs. NY Rangers (5) Rangers win series 4-3 Pittsburgh ( 2) vs. Washington (3) Capitals NHL Playoffs: Round 2 Predictions. Montreal Canadiens vs Philadelphia Flyers This should be an interesting series. Both teams just played 7 tough games.Pittsburgh Penguins vs New York Rangers Boy, this is gonna be the one to watch in round two. 2015 NHL Playoff Stanley Cup Final Prediction - Duration: 3:42. thejetsman21 881 views.2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: 1st Round Recap/2nd Round Predictions - Duration: 24:45. Nhl Playoffs Round 2 Predictions. The AR1 is available in specialty?But the nhl playoffs round 2 predictions nearby football (Soccer) hero Michael Jordan left a tradition nonetheless remains unanswered question Oris watches. NHL 2015 3rd Round (Conference Finals) Predictions Preview. Anaheim Ducks back-to-back-to-back Stanley Cup Champs NHL 15. 2006 NHL Playoffs: Round 1 Recap. NHL Playoffs 2015: Full Predictions, Previews For First NHL Playoffs 2015: Full Predictions, advanced to the second round of last years playoffs, of the 16 playoff teams. Tags:New York Rangers, washington capitals, NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2015 .Rangers vs. Capitals Round 2 Playoff Predictions. Captain Alex Ovechkin (8) and alternate Nicklas Backstrom (19) help drive the Capitals offense. To read my predictions before the start of the playoffs, click here. Posted in Uncategorized | Tags: 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs, Hockey, NHL, playoffs, Stanley Cup. Related Reading: NHL Playoffs 2015 (Round One) Countdown Predictions.The playoffs are pretty much Christmas-time for any hockey fan, but this is taking it pretty literally, with this series featuring only red and green jerseys. NHL 2016 Playoff Round 2 Predictions. Matt Strobel. 2 years ago. So if you read my last article, you can probably see that I got only three out of the eight series correct. Thats not so good, however Im here to redeem myself in Round Two. Lets go to the games. Stars vs. Blues. Stars advance here. The Pittsburgh Penguins claimed the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference on the last day of the NHLs regular season.Here is a look at the first round matchups which will begin on April 15. NHL Playoff Predictions, Round 2. By Racki, May 14, 2013 10:01 am.Big winner RACKIIIIII! On to round two here are the match ups: Hawks vs Wings Kings vs Sharks Pens vs Sens Bruins vs Rangers. Games Playoffs Ranks Players Goalies About. Below are odds of each NHL team making the playoffs, winning the Stanley Cup, and other milestones.Playoff odds can also be tracked by following MoneyPuck on Twitter or Instagram.

Stanley Cup Playoffs : Round 2.Since the NHL cant figure out a way to end one round before they start the next, I am forced into my predictions before Round 1 is over in the Western Conference. 2015 NHL playoffs: First-round predictions-ESPN.NHL Playoffs Predictions: Caps, Pens will go seven Blues get past Round 2 Hockey writers Chris Peters and Adam Gretz offer their predictions for the second round of . Goal tending is the key factor in the playoffs, and the Pittsburgh goalie still has the some demons of inconsistency swirling around him.Select Category 2011-12 Season General Playoffs 2006-07 Playoffs 2008-09 Playoffs 2009-10 Playoffs 2010-11 Playoffs 2013-2014 Playoffs 2015-2016 Stick NHL Playoffs Round Two. By Allyus Fritz.Round 2 Predictions. Eastern Conference. 7 Ottawa Senators vs. 1 Pittsburgh Penguins. The mighty Penguins seem to have a weakness: goaltending. The NHLs postseason is the most unpredictable of the four major sports, and 2015 should be no different. Sixteen teams will compete in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and there are bound to be a few upsets. April 30, 2015. 2015 NHL Playoffs Predictions Round 2. Leave a comment. As the first round comes to a close, there is one game left to play and as Im writing this game 7 is being played between the Detroit Red Wings and the Tampa Bay Lightning. NHL playoff odds, and who you should root for today.2015-2016. Images may be subject to copyright. G. Nhl playoffs 2015 round 2 predictions. Out of all the years of watching hockey, this is one of the most competitive and entertaining rounds of playoffs that I have seen in quite some time.Prediction: Flyers take the series in 6 games. NHL Western Conference Match-ups.

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